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22nd-Jun-2007 10:35 pm - New Word for the Day: Mondegreens
So, I was doing my usual "lurk on the Straight Dope Message Board instead of doing something productive like write my [info]lynnvetational fic," when my little eye catches sight of this little beauty:

D'oh! Misheard lyrics in an oft-heard song

Must. Resist. Must. Not. Read. Must. Not...

Oh, hell.

I mean, there's nothing funnier than misheard lyrics?

It's educational, too! Seriously, I didn't know there was a word for misheard lyrics ("mondegreens"), so ignorance has been fought. Thanks Straight Dope!

Anyway, in clicking around a few links, I, unh...

Well I learned that I had been seriously mishearing the lyrics to "Blinded by the Light" (written by Bruce Springsteen, sung by Manfred Mann's Earth Band).

For years, I mean years, I thought the lyric went:

Blinded by the light.
Wrapped up like a douche,
You know I holler in the night...

Now before 10 minutes ago, I would've sworn that these were the lyrics. I would've been convinced I was right.

Okay, so it makes exactly zero sense that Bruce Springsteen would write a song about being "wrapped up like a douche" (you know...those see-through cellophane baggies that all douches are wrapped in), although I could totally see why he'd "holler in the night" over being "wrapped up like a douche."

Unh, turns out that the actual lyrics are:

Blinded by the light,
Revved up like a deuce,
Another runner in the night...


Okay. That actually...makes a whole lot more sense. A deuce is a type of muscle car and, unh, yeah...

Springsteen is more likely to write about being revved up like a car and less likely to write about being wrapped up like a douche. Cars are more his thing.

That actually tops this one friend of mine who was absolutely convinced for years that Mr. Mister was singing "carry a laser" instead of "kyrie eleison" in their 1985 hit 'Kyrie Eleison.'

I set her right with the following conversation:

Me: Unh, you do realize that it's kyrie eleison and it's Latin for 'Lord have mercy,' right?
Her: Nah, it's 'carry a laser.'
Me: *shakes head*
Several friends: *shake heads*
Her: You guys sure?
Me: I've got 8 years' worth of Catholic school that tells me you're very wrong.

At least 'carry a laser' makes a buttload more sense as a mondegreen.

Carry a laser
Down the road that I must travel
Ca-ca-carry a laser
Through the darkness of the night
Carry a laser
Where I'm going, will you follow
Carry a laser
On a highway in the light...

Yeah. That actually makes more sense than kyrie eleison now that I think about it...
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