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27th-Jun-2007 09:50 am - Gimme back my friends' page LJ!
LJ is being dick-ish again.

The armed monkeys insist that the servers are "fine."

The fact that I can't load my friends' page at all says otherwise. And before you ask, yes, I've cleared the cache in hopes that it would fix it. Fuhgedaboutit!

I can navigate directly to a user, though. There's grumblings in some of my communities that people have been getting error messages all morning/all day (depending on where in the world you're located...)

Oh, look! When I go over to the support page to open a ticket, I can see that it appears I'm not the only one having trouble with LJ today. A whole bunch of people are getting errors sprung on them whenever they try to do anything from look at their own journal to post something.


This is the third time LJ's apparently had "technical difficulties" on a massive scale in one single month.

LJ, when the servers are more robust over on JournalFen, I think that's a sign that you are made of fail!

I swear, the more dodgey LJ gets, the more ecstatic I am that I've planted my flag right here.
21st-Jun-2007 10:27 am - Oh, for Heaven's Sake...
Dear 6A/LJ,

When I said I wanted clarification of your policies, this was not what I meant.

I meant clarification, not "the ToS hasn't really changed" followed by a bunch of vague statements that still doesn't actually say anything and still doesn't clarify what is and is not acceptable on LJ.

In case you're wondering, the issue is all about how you are interpreting the ToS. Since we can't read minds, we need you to tell us point blank. Which you're not.

And no, we're not whining. This is what happens when your user base has stopped trusting you. We're looking for loopholes where you could conceivably screw us over. This is about protecting ourselves, which obviously clashes with your need to protect your interests.

Really, the comments to the post say it better than I can at this point.

Look, answers in blunt English would be good here. Even if they're answers I don't like, something more than these vague statements and transparency that's about as transparent as mud is not an answer.

*throws up hands*

So much for that clarification...
20th-Jun-2007 07:25 pm - This is Why LJ Won't Be Getting My Hard-Earned Cash...
This is a somewhat longer response than what I posted in the feedback communities over on LiveJournal.

Dear 6A/LJ,

It appears that day has come around: a permanent account sale. For the low, low price of $150 (please note sarcasm), I can not only ensure a permanent spot on your servers for my journal, I can also protect myself from future price increases. That means at the current rate of $35 per year ($20 for the journal, $10 for extra userpics, and $10 for extra scrapbook space), I could make good on my investment in a mere 4.5 years (more or less).

However, considering the crap you've pulled just here in recent months, I am not entirely convinced that you will be here in 4 years.

Since it appears that you are completely clueless as to why I and many others are not willing to give you $150, I've decided to spell it out for you.

Need I remind you that you have yet to do the following:

Gee. I feel bettah now.

Keep in mind: I understand that 6A/LJ is a private enterprise. They own the servers. I'm basically renting space on those servers. They have every right to decide whether or not they want to rent me that space based on whatever criteria they see fit.

However, asking me to hand them so much as a penny before they tell me the rules, and without giving me any sort of protection against unwarranted interruption of service, is more arrogant than words can express.

I'm a customer, damn it. And customers with reasonable requests deserve more than just being fluffed off.
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