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20th-May-2018 10:17 am - Writing Update
I just finished writing chapter 12 in the newest Sacred Guardian book, and the story is flowing really well. I'm so excited about it! I love it when a story comes alive like this inside my head, and I just can't seem to type fast enough. ♥

Sacred Guardian website:

17th-May-2018 01:20 pm
After Doctor Strange used the Eye of Agamotto to save Earth from being overtaken by the Dark Dimension, everything seemed back to normal. But the warnings against manipulating time are coming back to haunt him: "Temporal manipulations create branches in time and unstable dimensional openings." No one realized that time had already branched off. Not until dimensional openings cause people to suddenly and inexplicably arrive in New York City. Those that died before are now coming back to life. Threats of the past can take form again. The bill comes due. Always. And the lives of Earth's mightiest heroes are about to get a lot more complicated...

AVENGERS is a MCU game based in New York City that will explore the entire MCU universe. Destruction will happen. Future movies will be relevant. Currently plotting with IW. First time RPers welcome. Journal Codes available. 18+ only & Rated M for Mature.


Looking for / Most Wanted: Nebula (most requested!), T'Challa, Groot, Frigga, Yondu, Rhodey, Phil Coulson, Maria Hill, Aunt May
18th-May-2018 08:38 pm - Reposting
I need to repost my library on AO3. The whole job is very daunting as I've been writing for fifteen years and produced more than 3 million words over 64 stories; one of which has 64(?) chapters. Ugh!

I think I bitched about this about a year ago but still. So ... which story should I do first?
18th-May-2018 03:30 pm - Ads Gone (For Now)
We have gone back through this month's money from our Patreon campaign and have found that the failed payments have gone through and we've pushed past our goal! So I've disabled ads and as long as we continue to keep meeting that number, we'll keep this place ad free!
17th-May-2018 02:51 pm - this is a post about sweaters (no, not those sweaters)

It’s been a strange couple of weeks, here in Castle Wheaton. Anne was gone for six days, came home for literally twenty-two minutes and left again for another day. When she got home, we saw each other for about an hour, and then I had to go to sleep early to wake up early to fly across the country for two days. When I got back, she had to leave again for Piggy and Pug promotion, and it wasn’t until last night that we finally had an opportunity to make dinner together and catch up on all the stuff we did while we were gone.

“I have been feeling this strong compulsion to clean stuff up,” I told her while we were finishing dinner. “I wonder if it’s some kind of Spring Cleaning impulse that I’ve never noticed before.”

“More like never had before,” she reminded me.

“Okay, that’s fair,” I said.

We ate the empanadas we’d made. They were better than I expected.

“Hey, speaking of that,” she said, “will you come into our bedroom with me for a minute?”

Heckyeahsexytimesdottumblrdotcom I thought. “Sure,” I said.

I have this big pile of sweaters and hoodies at the foot of our bed. I keep meaning to put them away, but my closet is a shitshow and the shelves are a disaster. I have a box on the top shelf where most of my sweaters and scarves live when we aren’t having our three to five weeks of winter in Los Angeles. It is currently … not optimal.

“What’s going on with …” she indicated with her hand, sort of twirling it around like Vanna White, but with a little more distaste, “… this … stuff. Here.”

“Oh, those are all my dumb sweaters. I already put a bunch of them away, and I just need to find some room in the closet to put the rest of them away.”

“Isn’t that what your box is for?”

“Yes, but it’s already full. I must have added sweaters to my life this winter, and now I’m past the critical mass for sweaters.” I shrugged. “But don’t worry, I’m going to put them away tomorrow. I just need to clean up that shelf and get it more organized.”

“You’re going to put them in the bin that’s already full?”

“No, I’m going to put them in the spot next to the box, which is currently a jumble of kilts and horsemasks.”

She looked at me with a mixture of amusement and disbelief.

“…a jumble … of …” she was unable to finish the thought.

“This is who you married,” I said. “You did this on purpose.”


16th-May-2018 11:57 am - Supernatural: Lucky Us! We've Got the Press Release for 'The Complete 13th Season'! Scooby-Dooby-Doo

The Longest-Running Sci-Fi Series
in U.S. Television History!


On Blu-ray and DVD September 4, 2018

Contains... (more)
16th-May-2018 11:56 am - Arrow: Warner is Sounding the Siren: Press Release Issued for 'The Complete 6th Season'

It's Time To Finish What He Started...


Contains All Action-Packed Episodes from
the Sixth Season, plus a Crossover
Featurette,... (more)
16th-May-2018 11:55 am - Flash, The: Start Thinking Ahead! 'The Complete 4th Season' Press Release Says It's Coming Fast!

#1 Series on The CW


Plus Exhilarating Added Content
Including New Featurettes, DC's
Crossover Event and much... (more)
16th-May-2018 11:54 am - Looming Tower, The: Warner's Press Release Announces DVDs, Blu-rays for the Hulu Mini-Series

'A gripping horror story of historic
inevitability' - The Hollywood Reporter



WILL... (more)
15th-May-2018 12:03 pm - Westworld: Why On Earth Would You Ever Be Frightened Of Me? HBO Will Host DVDs, Blu-rays, and 4K UHD
By David Lambert - The reckoning is here. After finding the center of The Maze, the hosts revolt against their human captors while searching for a new purpose. The puppet show is over, and they are coming... (more)
15th-May-2018 12:02 pm - Power Rangers Wild Force: Grapevine Gossip Gives Gaoranger Guidance...And Possibly Jetman, Too?!?!?
By David Lambert - As we've reported, the last day in July sees Shout! Factory's North American release of Super Sentai Timeranger: The Complete Series on DVD. This is the show which became Power Rangers... (more)
15th-May-2018 12:01 pm - 9-1-1: 'Season 1' Planned for Fox's Amazing New Show About First Responders
By David Lambert - 9-1-1 explores the high-pressure experiences of police officers, firefighters and emergency operators who are thrust into the most frightening, shocking and heart-stopping situations.... (more)
14th-May-2018 10:03 am - Fresh Off the Boat: DVD Sets for the ABC Show's 'Complete 2nd Season' and 'Complete 3rd Season'
By David Lambert - Fresh Off The Boat: The Complete Second Season - Set in the mid-1990s, and inspired by a true story, FRESH OFF THE BOAT stars Hudson Yang as 11-year-old, hip-hop-loving Eddie Huang,... (more)
14th-May-2018 10:02 am - Last Man on Earth, The: 'The Complete 2nd Season' and 'Complete 3rd Season' of Fox's Just-Cancelled
By David Lambert - In this Emmy-nominated comedy, a deadly virus has swept the planet and Tandy Miller (Will Forte) - formerly known as Phil - has searched the country for other survivors, only to find... (more)
14th-May-2018 10:01 am - Life in Pieces: DVDs Are Scheduled At Last for 'The Complete 1st Season' and 'Complete 2nd Season' o
By David Lambert - Life In Pieces is a comedy about one big happy family and their sometimes awkward, often hilarious, and ultimately beautiful milestone moments as told by the family's various members.

Of... (more)
13th-May-2018 08:40 am - Writing
I find myself endlessly fascinated by the process of writing. It feels a bit like painting a picture, or at least what I imagine that would be like. Coming up with the initial plot is like sketching the outlines, laying down all of those broad strokes. Then it's time to sit down to the serious business of writing and begin filling in the details, layering on different themes and meanings and characterizations and scenes. Sometimes I paint myself into a corner and getting the words out feels like swimming through molasses--such a frustrating experience! That's when I have to step back for a moment, take a deep breath, and look back to see where I went wrong. Once I find it (and I usually do, eventually), I can start moving forward again, and the colors of the portrait I'm making once again start to feel so very vibrant and alive.

Just a few random thoughts because I'm feeling pensive this morning.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are celebrating today. My family is planning to take me out to Red Lobster for dinner later, which I am very much looking forward to. I may be mistaken, but I think there is a shrimp fest running now. Even if it's not the food is always wonderful there, and I go there so rarely it is always a treat.

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!

13th-May-2018 07:45 pm
I was thinking about how Falke's going to be really conflicted about Tony now with his AU update* and realised that him figuring out his dream was actually new memories is actually a great reason for another round of weird presents. *happy claps* Though he gets to shop off Amazon again now instead of "stuff he found in the desert full of lost caravans and corpses" so it could be slightly less weird... or slightly more weird. Could go either way.

* footage got leaked of him uh strongly resisting arrest at the airport and the media was pretty curious about who this guy was and Tony said basically that he was a victim and should have been gotten help instead of being locked up and showed video of him showing up mid-battle to do battlefield medicine. Of course he also shaded the hell out of Steve over getting him involved... and then Falke killed a bunch of IDF who tried to capture him and lost whatever poor broken lamb cred he had... but you know, it was a gesture.
11th-May-2018 08:09 pm - Writing writing writing....
I just finished writing chapter 3 in the next book in the Sacred Guardian series. I'm so excited over this newest story!!! This is the part I love best about being a writer, when the images and ideas flow so effortlessly through my imagination, and I can experience seeing those worlds that exist so vividly inside my head come to life on the screen in front of me. It's the sheer orgasmic rush of creation, as addictive now as it's ever been. It's the reason I'm still writing stories after all these years -- I write because I can't not write, like the stories in my head are alive and somehow begging to be told.

Kaori and Hunter are off on another adventure in this one, and I'm absolutely loving it so far. More than the fun of losing myself in an absorbing fantasy, I enjoy watching the characters I created grow and evolve over the course of these books. I don't think any of them are the same as they were when I first started the series, and there are more changes in store for them. I look at them and I feel a strange sense of possessiveness, of accomplishment. I feel proud of what I've managed to create in this series.

Just some random thoughts on a Friday night as I take a brief break before diving back into writing. Don't expect to see me come up for air again for quite a while. ^_^

Sacred Guardian website:

11th-May-2018 09:12 am - Resident, The: DVDs Planned for 'Season 1' of the New Fox Network Series
By David Lambert - THE RESIDENT is a powerful new medical drama focusing on the final years of a young doctor's training. A tough, brilliant senior resident guides an idealistic young doctor through his... (more)
11th-May-2018 09:11 am - OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes: 'Season 1, Volume 1' DVDs of the Cartoon Network Series!
By David Lambert - In this videogame inspired world, K.O. works at Gar's Bodega in Lakewood Plaza, a one-stop shop for all your hero needs. Whether he's mopping the floor with Lord Boxman's evil robots... (more)
10th-May-2018 02:49 am - Salem City Game - Adults Only - 20+
no secret remains silenced forever...
  • We give all characters FREE WILL!
    No micro-managing: all actions have consequences and characters will have to face those they have created.

  • We try to imitate RL in game, meaning that some characters DO have more power than others.

    Emphasis put on threads and logs over 'text' and 'e-mail'

  • We offer Bi-Monthly Challenges!

  • We offer both "Classic" characters and "Original" characters!
    Ever wanted to play Crowley, Frankenstien, or Hellboy in a realistic, non-panfandom setting? Here you can!

  • We have a LOT of playable species for you to choose from.
    Humans - Hunters - Vampires - Werewolves - Lycans - Pixies & Fairies - Merfolk - Demons - Angels - Foreign Gods - and much more!

  • We are: Het - Slash - Femme FRIENDLY!
    When God created humanity, men and women both began to destroy the resources Nature had to offer to them. In order to balance the scale, Mother Nature created Supernatural Creatures to predate on those humans. For all that they ruined, her creatures created their own fair share of havoc.

    But now the world is at risk.

    Almost all of the Supernatural community are trapped in Salem by the same bubble that protected them from the nuclear attack humanity sent to destroy them. The balance has been disrupted and now it is up to those stuck in Salem -- humans, hunters, and creatures alike -- must work together to break free and return the world to its natural order.

    10th-May-2018 09:33 am - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: 'The Complete Series: 25th Anniversary Collector's Edition' Limited St
    By David Lambert - 20-DISC EXCLUSIVE STEELBOOK EDITION: MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS: THE COMPLETE SERIES. Features 2 DVDs of bonus content including interviews with members of the cast and crew, and... (more)
    10th-May-2018 09:32 am - Riverdale: Warner's Press Release Announces 'The Complete 2nd Season'
    By David Lambert - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

    Winner of Seven 2017 Teen
    Choice Awards, Including
    Choice TV Show: Drama


    Reveal the Mystery on
    DVD August... (more)
    9th-May-2018 08:55 am - Masters of Sex: Experience the Show's Climax when 'The Complete Series' Comes to DVD and Blu-ray Dis
    By David Lambert - William Masters and Virginia Johnson are known as pioneers of the science of human sexuality. Their research shoots them to fame on a trajectory that takes them from humble beginnings... (more)
    9th-May-2018 08:54 am - Happy Endings: Blu-ray Disc and DVD Announcement for 'The Complete Series' Sets!
    By David Lambert - Take six twentysomething Chicago friends, add cocktails and hormones, shake and you've got Happy Endings, the hilarious comedy that asks: 'When a couple splits, who gets to keep the... (more)
    9th-May-2018 08:53 am - Documentary Now!: 'Seasons 1 and 2' on DVD and Blu, Starring Fred Armisen, Bill Hader and Helen Mirr
    By David Lambert - 'Saturday Night Live' compatriots Fred Armisen, Bill Hader and Seth Meyers serve as creators, executive producers and writers of this IFC original series, using their love of documentary... (more)
    8th-May-2018 02:42 pm - Perfect Strangers: Front Cover Art Reveals That the Warner Archive is Preparing 'The Complete 4th Se
    By David Lambert - Carl Winslow Comes Calling! Season Four of this beloved sitcom sees distant cousins Larry (Mark Linn-Baker) and Balki (Bronson Pinchot) become best friends as they learn to find success... (more)
    8th-May-2018 02:41 pm - Last Post, The: Ben Miles and Jessica Raine Star In the BBC's Series on DVD
    By David Lambert - Aden, 1965. The men of the British Royal Military Police are battling a fierce insurgency. Tensions are heightened in the heat of the desert; any lapse in luck or judgement means death.... (more)
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